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yabo下载app|BEIJING (Reuters) - IBM Corp will share technology with Chinese firms and will actively help build Chinas industry, CEO Virginia Rometty said in Beijing as she set out a strategy for one of the foreign firms hardest hit by Chinas shifting technology policies.北京(路透社)——IBM将与中国公司分享技术,并将大力协助中国建设科技行业。IBM是不受中国的科技行业政策调整冲击仅次于的外国企业之一,在此情况下,IBM总裁Virginia Rometty称之为她制订了这一战略。IBM must help China build its IT industry rather than viewing the country solely as a sales destination or manufacturing base, Rometty said at the China Development Forum, an annual Chinese government-sponsored conference bringing together business executives and Chinas ruling elite.Rometty在中国发展论坛上说道,IBM必需协助中国建设自己的IT行业,而不是意味着把中国看做销售终端和生产基地。中国发展论坛是中国政府资助的年会,该会开会企业领导人和中国政府精英参与。

If youre a country, as China is, of 1.3 billion people you would want an IT industry as well, the chief executive said on Monday. I think some firms find that perhaps frightening. We, though, at IBM ... find that to be a great opportunity.“如果你是一个,就像中国吧,一个13亿人口的国家,你认同也想有一个IT行业。”IBM总裁Rometty周一称之为。“有些公司有可能实在这很可怕。但是我们IBM指出这是一个极佳的机会。


”Romettys remarks were among the clearest acknowledgements to date by a high-ranking foreign technology executive that companies must adopt a different tack if they are to continue in China amid growing political pressure.Rometty的讲话,解释外国科技公司低管层否认,如果想要在中国更加大的政治压力下之后经营,就必需采行与以前有所不同的策略。A number of U.S. technology companies operating in China are forming alliances with domestic operators, hoping a local partner will make it easier to operate in the increasingly tough environment for foreign businesses.几家美国科技公司与中国当地企业合作,期望在对外国企业日益不利的经营环境中,中国的合作伙伴需要使得他们的日子好过点。China has been pushing for the use of more Chinese and less foreign-made technology, to grow its own tech sector and in response to ex-U.S. National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowdens leaks about U.S. cyber surveillance.中国早已在大力前进多用于国产技术,较少用于外国技术,以发展自己的科技产业,也是在美国前国安局承包商爱德华斯诺登揭发美国的网络监控之后的对应措施。IBMs sales in China have stabilized after a sharp drop that began in the third quarter of 2013 following Snowdens revelations. The Armonk, New York-based company reported a 1 percent slide in revenue in China during the fourth quarter of 2014, compared with the prior year.2013年三季度,IBM在华销售额因斯诺登的泄露而骤减,之后保持稳定。

2014年4季度,IBM在华销售较上年下降了1%。IBMs new approach allows Chinese companies to build everything from semiconductor chips and servers b ed on IBM architecture, to the software that runs on those machines.IBM的新策略容许中国公司在IBM架构上生产各类产品,还包括半导体芯片、服务器,以及在这些机器上运营的软件。


Last week IBM said Suzhou PowerCore Technology Co will begin producing a version of IBMs Power8 chip run on Chinese-made servers. Its POWER line of processors is often used for intensive calculations in fi nancial services下载app, where Chinese banks have been required by new government regulations to use more dorr ic vendors.上周 , IBM说道苏州中晟宏芯信息科技有限公司将开始生产IBM的Power8芯片,用作中国生产的服务器。IMB的POWER芯片 常用于金旨服务业的大量运算,而在新的政府规定下,中国的银行得用于更好的本国供应商。The U.S. company had already announced a series of partnerships with Chinese vendors and now packages its database software with products from Inspur, a server hardware maker and IBM rival, and has also struck agreements with Youyou, a Beijing-based software firm.IBM早已宣告了一系列的与中国供应商的合作关系,现在则把其数据库软件和其竞争对手浪潮集团的产品包在一起,还跟一家总部在北京的软件公司优优软件达成协议了协议。

Other vendors are making similar efforts.其他外国企业也在做出某种程度的希望。SAP SE Greater China head Mark Gibbs for instance said in October the company sought to be a complementary player to the Chinese market by selling its software on hardware made by Lenovo Inc and Huawei Technologies.比如SAP大中华负责人Mark Gibbs就在去年10月说道过,SAP应当沦为中国市场的上场球员,即硬件由误解和华为生产,软件由SAP获取。Everyone that values the national security, national sovereignty of the United States more than a ROI on an IBM investment should write to their representatives in Washington and demand a senate investigation as to this move by IBM.任何把美国国家安全性和主权看做低于IBM的投资回报率的人都应当拒绝参议院调查IBM的这一行径It appears that Rommetty is more concerned about IBM profits IBMs failed five year plan and saving her job, than she is about the national security and sovereignty of the United States.我看Rommetty更加关心IBM的利润和她自己的位子,而不是国家安全性和主权。

IBM should not be allowed to bid on any government contract for development and support of any IT appl ations or systems that are critical for national defense or telecommunications, finance or utilities IT s ystems that would be attacked by China cyber-warfare during a military conflict.不应当让IBM总承包任何与国防、电信、金融或者应用于系统有密切关系的IT应用于和IT系统研发的政府工程,在军事对付中 ,这些领域不会遭中国的反击。When a CEO of IBM appears in front of a group of Chinese Communist elites and describes a plan to share technology with a Chines communist government that has a cyber warfare military division dedicated tc developing strategies to attacking critical U.S. infrastructure such as telecommunications, business, fin ance and utilities during a time of war, it is time to determine who the loyalties of that CEO and by ext ension IBM corporation are with.当一个IBM的CEO车站在一群中共精英面前,描写一个与中共政府“共享”技术的计划,而这个政府有一支网络部队专门负责管理在战争时期反击美国的最重要基础设施,例如电信、企业、金融和公共设施,这就必须辨别一下这个CEO和IBM公司究竟效忠谁了。The Chinese Communist party and its plans for global domination or the national security of the people of the United States of America.是效忠中共和中共统一全球的野心,还是效忠美国人民的国家安全性。China will never have to wage war against the U.S.中国总有一天不必须对美国发动战争。


American corporations like IBM are doing it for them.美国公司就像IBM都老大他们做到了。IBM should not be allowed to bid on any government contract for development and support of any IT applications or systems that are critical for national defense or telecommunications, finance or utilities IT systems that would be attacked by China cyber-warfare during a military conflict...不应当让IBM总承包任何与国防、电信、金融或者应用于系统有密切关系的IT应用于和IT系统研发的政府工程,在军事对付中,这些领域不会遭中国的反击。。